Magee House

Mill Valley

This new 6,000 SF residence was completed in September 2011 and is clad in copper siding.  The project was extremely challenging due to site constraints and a complex foundation and site plan.  The driveway had to be widened in order for concrete trucks to access the site and our foundation sub is credited for what he called “the most difficult foundation plan yet”.  Exposed panelized formed concrete makes up the first level with the 2nd floor in copper siding and the 3rd in integral color smooth stucco.  No expense was spared on this the clients 4th and final custom residence.  The interior photo shoot is set for March 2012.

Project Details

  • Location Mill Valley
  • Project Manager Denny Kasten
  • Site Superintendent Tim Morgan
  • Architect CCS Architecture
  • Interior Designer CCS Architecture
  • Photographer Paul Dyer

Project Testimonial

Cass Calder Smith

My firm, CCS Architecture, worked with Kasten Builders, the contractor on the Martin House.  This new home was a challenging project to build due to its steep site, modernist design, and the high expectations of the client.  Kasten rose to the challenge and built a great house.  Denny and his team were always a pleasure to work with, and I would work with them again on any scale project.